Farhana Nazira Idris

MSc (Microbiology), 2012, Universiti Sains Malaysia
BSc (Hons) (Applied Biology), 2008, Universiti Sains Malaysia 

Research Title: Study of Solvent-free Microwave Extraction of Bioative Compounds from Medicinal Herbs. 
Summary: Malaysia has diverse of herbs which vast majority of them yet to be explore for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, analgesic and wound healing activity. Since extraction is an important step for separation of bioactive compounds from the plant material, this study is to optimize the solvent-free microwave extraction recovery of extracts from medicinal herbs and to investigate the potential of the extracts for clinical applications. 


Siti Farhana Hisham

MSc (Chemistry), 2011, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
BSc (Hons) (Chemical Technology), 2007, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Research Title: Transdermal Targeted Nano‐Drug Delivery Carrier Incorporated With Curcumin For Tumour Therapy
Summary: This research aims to develop a targeted transdermal drug delivery carrier loaded curcumin with superior properties for tumour therapy. It has been suggested that carrier system can be directed to specific sites in the body by use of targeting receptor or antibodies. In this research study, a type of vesicular niosome carrier with modification of polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugated folate receptor will be synthesized. 


Lau Sin Mun

BEng. Tech. (Hons) (Industrial Biotechnology), 2015, University Malaysia Perlis

Research Title: Preparation and Characterization of Collagen Hydrogel for Clinical Application
Summary: Collagen hydrogel is widely used in tissue engineering and clinical field due to their biocompatibility, biodegradability and non- toxicity. It is common practice to prepare collagen hydrogel from freshly neutralized acid-soluble collagen. However, the neutralization process is time consuming. This research aims to develop a storable neutralized collagen for fast preparation of collagen hydrogel. Besides,                                           through this research, the fundamental explanations on the kinetic and mechanism of gelation that account for                                       change in properties of collagen hydrogel after storage will be studied


Gong Wee Jie

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BEng. (Hons) Chemical Engineering, 2017, SEGi University

Research Title: The Preparation and Characterization of Natural Polymer Hydrogel with In Situ Gelation Capability
Summary: Hydrogel is recognized as a major class of biomaterials for tissue engineering. Compared to preformed hydrogel, injectable hydrogel is desirable for usage on irregular shaped wound or spaces. This project focused on developing injectable hydrogel with anti-microbial properties from combination of natural                                         polymers.   




Saravanan Reddy A/L Kalidas
Muhammad Ridhwaan Bin Mohd Bakhtiar
Gopal A/L Kananiasan




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